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How to Diversify the Right Way

How to Diversify the Right Way

Should I focus my money to invest 1 or a few stocks? 
What will happen if I over-diversify?
How do I manage my diversified portfolio? 

North Korea's 2nd missile affected Straits Times Index

Straits Times Index had another bearish week last week as multiple concerns were felt last week. Rebound attempts were seen early last week as US market managed to hit historical highs. Despite bullish sentiment around the markets, STI was seen struggling to maintain its gains during the day and ended up closing flat on the early week.

North Korea's Nuclear testing shakes the market.

Straits Times Index started the month of September bearishly. This bearish action was triggered by North Korea’s nuclear testing. Fear of war heighten as the tension rises; creating a wave of market participants exiting the market. On Monday, the market reacted immediately on the bearish side. STI was brought to as low as 3227 level before it attempted to rebound the next day.

North Korea Tension to impact Straits Times Index's performance.

The month of August ended with a bullish week, with Straits Times Index gaining 17.69pts for the week despite concerns over North Korea firing a missile over Japan. For the start of the week, STI faces resistance from 3270 level which stops the market from going higher. Knee jerk reaction was felt Tuesday when reports of North Korea’s missile flew of Japan was announced.