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Straits Times Index broke out of key resistance of 3270

At last, the Straits Time Index managed to secure a more sustainable bullish movement after months of sideways movement. The key catalyst for the bullish movements was triggered by Yellen’s comment on US economy and the potential of future interest rate hikes. This drew positive sentiments in the market.

Range bound continues in Straits Times Index

Range bound. The Straits Times Index continued its range bound streak last week despite various attempts to move beyond its usual movements. Talks on US Fed interest rate hikes became the topic of the week which brought some volatility into the market. The start was a bearish one but it did not go beyond 3200 level.

Odds of bearish reversal in Straits Times Index getting higher.

It was another range week for Straits Times Index as the market continues to trade cautiously. During the start of the short week, there wasn’t much action in the market as there was lacking of catalyst to trigger any strong movements in the market. The trading range was between 3200 – 3225 levels.