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Straits Times Index broke key resistance level.

Straits Times Index enjoyed a strong start for the month of October as buyer confidence started to build up strongly. Many have seen positive signs in Singapore economic situation, leading to gain in confidence in the market.  More confidence were driven by strong market numbers from US side as the US market hit new historical highs.

Straits Times Index continues to consolidate.

Straits Times Index ended the month of September without much trading actions are many traders and investors seems to be staying sidelines. US interest rate and tax reforms news seems to be affecting the market. This news triggered tightly ranged swing movements in the market last week. The start of the week shows bullish attempts but it was quick to be beaten down by the bears on Tuesday.

Concerns pile up in Straits Times Index

Straits Times Index continued another week above its support at 3190 level. The market started the week by rebounding strongly on Monday. But it faced a minor resistance at 3245 level which prevented STI from going higher. Strong selling pressure sipped in on Tuesday which stopped STI from going further. The focus of the market started to shift towards the interest rate hike of US.

North Korea's 2nd missile affected Straits Times Index

Straits Times Index had another bearish week last week as multiple concerns were felt last week. Rebound attempts were seen early last week as US market managed to hit historical highs. Despite bullish sentiment around the markets, STI was seen struggling to maintain its gains during the day and ended up closing flat on the early week.