1. Straits Times Index faced a volatile week last week as it struggled to find fresh bullish leads to sustain it rebound attempts. The week started with a strong rebound which helped STI to get closer to the 20 week MA resistance line around 3500 level. However, it was unable to find strong bullish reasons to lift the index towards that level. Its upside seems to cap at 3490 level. On last Friday, fresh fears on the European situation pushed the market lower. Friday’s movement caused STI to return most of the gains of the week which caused STI to end with only 8.86pts up. Ending at 3436.37 lev

  2. Straits Times Index experienced another week of blood bath as more market participants scrambled to exit the market due to concerns on world economic situations. During the early week, STI refuses to trade lower and was holding well. However, when there were talks of political unrest, many market participants decides to take the cautious approach and exit the market. On Wednesday, STI broke the important 20 week MA support at 3500 level. This break down had lead to strong selling pressure as breaking it symbolises reduction of uptrend formation possibilities. The bearish movement last week

  3. Straits Times Index was seen trading firmly last week as it refused to continue its bearishness. The week started with bearishness which tested the support of 3530 level. This support level held firmly for the next 2 days despite attempts to break it. Buyers were supporting the support level of 3530 level by pushing the index back up after testing the support level. However, upside was limited during these few days. It was only during Friday’s movement, the bullish sentiment was able to prevail. Friday’s bullishness had helped STI to close the week with 24.79pts up; ending at 3570.17 level.

  4. Last week was a bearish week for Straits Times Index as profit pressure dominated the market during the last few days of the week. The week had a strong start but right after Wednesday, the market gapped down strongly on Thursday. This gap down action could be due to multiple index components going on Ex-Dividend. Further Ex-Dividend was seen on the next day which caused STI to close at a lower level. This “false sense” of selling pressure could have led some traders to exit the market without realising the impact of Ex-Dividend. Hence, STI was seen closing with 31.83pts lower, ending at 35

  5. The Straits Times Index was struggling to find direction last week as profit takers prevented the market to raise higher. During every day, the market opening with bearish action; attempting to push STI to a lower level. However, there will always be willing buyers to hold the market despite strong selling attempts. These bullish buyers tend to dominate the market daily which helped STI to maintain its current level. Therefore, last week turned out to be a flat week. Only 3.83pts was gained. Straits Times Index ended at 3577.21 level.

    STI inched higher last week after 2 weeks of stro

  6. Bearish sentiment was reversed last week in the Straits Times Index. Fear of US-China trade war seems to have diminished over the week as the market digested the impact and possibilities. STI started the week testing the resistance level at 3450 level. There was still some bearish pressure during the day but the bulls were able to dominate the market during the day. However, it was unable to break through the resistance level on that day. The breakthrough happened on Tuesday. Buyers were seen rushing into the market to snap up oil-related counters and financials. This helped STI to sustain

  7. It was a volatile week for Straits Times Index as growing concerns on possible trade war to happen between US and China. Many have seen that trade war can affect the economic situation of the whole world and hence, reacted bearishly upon retaliation by the China officials. The strongest reaction happened on Wednesday where STI was seen breaking its key support level at 3350 level. However, the reaction was short lived as most of the losses were recovered immediately the next day. This wild swing had puzzled many traders which caused a much strong rebound last Friday. Instead of bearish clos

  8. It was a short week for the Straits Times Index as the Christian celebrated the Good Friday. Bearish sentiment was also cut short as the market continued to face uncertainty over the trade war issues. Volatility was seen during the week as market participants were flicking to and fro from bullish to bearish sentiment. The opening for the week is weak but it was being reversed the next day. A low of 3382 level was being formed during the week but rebound was quick. Flickering between 3382 – 3443 levels pretty much sums up the movements for the short week. A gain of 6.58pts was clocked during

  9. The Straits Times Index had a bullish week last week but it failed to reach the recent high it had achieved last month. The start of the month was strong as STI managed to gapped up on Monday which brought strong bullish momentum to break its resistance at 3530 level. STI managed to sustain its resistance level till Wednesday. On Thursday, market participants were sceptical of the strength and started selling. This brought STI back below 3530 level. Further selling pressure pushed back to the gap level which it had created on Monday. Despite the bearish movements at the end of the week, STI

  10. The Straits Times Index faced a volatile week last week as market participants were fighting to decide a market direction. The week first started with strong selling pressure which broke the support at 3450 level slightly. Instead of sliding lower the next day, STI opened with a gap up on the next day. This brought STI back above 3450 level. Talks of US tariffs continue to affect the market and brought STI back to test 3450 level again. However, this support level held well as buyers rushed to support the level. This volatile movements in the market have helped STI to recover 6.37pts; endin